How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs: an Ultimate Guide

Bed bugs are a common problem for many households, hotels and other public places around the world. They can be difficult to identify as they have an uncanny ability to hide in small crevices or cracks where they feed on human blood and reproduce rapidly. Bed bug infestations usually require professional pest control management in … Read more

Palmetto Bugs

Palmento bugs. The American cockroach is the most common roach species known as “palmetto bugs,” although there are many others that have arrived to be known as such. Floridians are all too acquainted with these pests, whatever you want to call them. The good news is that palmetto bugs don’t sting or bite like so … Read more

Bed Bugs In Sheets

Bed Bugs In Sheets. Even if you reside in highly inhabited regions such as New York City, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to detect and even more difficult to eliminate. Despite their efforts, a watchful homeowner or apartment renter might identify the early indicators of a bed bug invasion even if they are sneaky. Early … Read more

Bed Bugs Lifespan

Bed Bugs Lifespan. Have you been experiencing prickly, red patches on your skin? Maybe you saw a little insect crawl on the side of your mattress out of the corner of your eye? Bed bugs may be present in your bed and surrounding furniture. Here’s everything you need to know about bed bug life cycle, … Read more

Bed Bugs Detection

Bed Bugs Detection. You should act quickly if you think you have bed bugs in your house. If they are left untreated, small infestations might quickly grow into huge infestations. Read more about how bed bug identification devices work and various treatment approaches for bed bugs. Using a detection tool is one way to check … Read more

Bed Bugs White

Bed Bugs White. The little insects, 4 to 5 mm in length, avoid the light. They hide in cracks, corners, furniture, bedsteads, mattresses, wallpaper, and skirting boards throughout the day. The breeding grounds of these birds are also here. What are bed bugs? The body of bedbugs is oval, broad, flat, and the head is … Read more

Bed Bug VS Lice

Bed Bug VS Lice. Odds are high that identifying a bug on yourself is not your main concern if you discover one. However, knowing the difference between bed bugs and lice is critical to determining if you have a pest problem and how to best solve it. Whether you have lice or bed bugs may … Read more