Little Red Bugs and All You Need to Know about it [UPDATED]

There are a few related-sounding names for this tiny pest that will bite and irritate you. Such as clover mite, little red bugs, or small red bugs. This bug mostly lives in humid environments like your bathroom due to their preference of mild temperatures close to the heat outside – such as your kitchen or backyard on a hot summer day.

What is a clover mite (the small red bugs)?

little red bugs


The clover mite is a small red bug that can invade homes and appear no larger than pinheads to the naked eye. When examined under magnification, they are revealed as true mites rather than insects because of their long front legs which help them climb plant foliage in search for food.

No one likes the little red bugs that seem to appear out of nowhere in spring and fall. They feed mainly on clover, grassy lawns, plants and weeds but you will see them all around your yard by the thousands when they’re active.

Keep an eye for these pests throughout our warmer months!

What do clover mites look like?

little red bugs


Clover mites are small, reddish-brown bugs that measure about 1/30th of an inch long. These little guys can be found on concrete patios, siding panels, and shrubbery all over the United States. They’re usually smaller than a pinhead in size so you may not even notice them at first glance!

These small tiny little red bugs have eight legs and are from the same family of animals that includes spiders. However they’re significantly smaller than any other spider you might find in your home; if you can get close enough to look at them (often difficult because their color blends into green grass), then you will see how round these little things really are!

Why are clover mites (little red bugs) in my house?

little red bugs


Clover mites are the worst house guests you can have. They will invade your home through every crack and crevice, burrowing into anything they deem to be a safe haven for their young. You may not even know that there is an infestation until you find them creeping from between the floorboards or crawling over your bedspread at night!

This little red bugs is nearly impossible to miss the crimson-red bugs, crawling around your windowsills or directly on top of window panes. No larger than a pinhead, these red pests will leave behind telltale stains when smashed and are difficult to remove from surfaces they’ve landed upon with any force.

The number of red bugs on the outside of your home may be an indication that there is a problem with household mites. These little red bugs are attracted to sunny sides and often congregate in large numbers, making it difficult to see through windows or enjoy outdoor space because they’re all over the place!

Life around these tiny creatures can quickly become unbearable if not dealt with right away; soon enough you’ll find them inside as well where ceiling corners serve as prime nesting spots for their eggs.

Are clover mites dangerous / harmful ?



Clover mites seem harmless, but they can swarm in large numbers and invade homes like a pesky plague. These tiny pests are not harmful to humans or pets though because their mouth parts cannot break the skin barrier, so there is no potential for transmitting disease-causing organisms from person to person via biting.

Clover Mites are tiny, harmless pests that leave unsightly stains on surfaces in your home. They do not cause structural damage and can be dealt with by using basic household items like a vacuum cleaner or broom when they’re accidentally crushed.

Should I squash clover mites?



Clover mites are common household pests, but do not bite or create any other harm to humans. If you can tolerate having them in your space, the best solution is simply taking a deep breath and leaving them be.

One way that may work for those who would rather get rid of clover mites without killing it is by using dishwashing detergent mixed with water to take care of these pesky creatures if they find their home on clothing or curtains- just remember this will only wash away the body pigment which many people seem concerned about when crushing one underfoot (not blood).

How do I get rid of this little red bugs (clover mites)?

The red, textured, and tiny clover mite


Clover mites (little red bugs) are known to infest homes in significant numbers. The best way to eradicate them is by locating and sealing possible entry points throughout the home, as clovers often enter through cracks or small holes around windowsills, doorways, vents etc.

Clover mites are so small that they can get through the tiniest of openings, and because their population often increases at a rapid rate, it’s important to use an insecticide before these tiny pests infest your home. To make sure you’re able to thoroughly treat clover mite populations on the outside of your house without having them enter in as well, pay special attention when treating areas near doors or windows with residual pesticides.

You can help get rid of these pesky little bugs by purchasing some granular material and spreading it on the grass or mulch within 1 foot from your foundation.

You need help with this little red bugs?

You should not go at this alone when fighting a war against the clover mite. These tiny pests are difficult to find, and they reproduce quickly. You may need assistance if you want to keep these critters out of your home or garden for good!

Yup, the most effective way of combating this issue is with the help from professionals. Professional organizations are often equipped with knowledge that can’t be found in stores, and they have access to more powerful pesticides than those offered over-the-counter.

Is the treatment safe for home owner?

If you have been experiencing the irritating presence of those nasty little red bugs crawling all over your home, help is on its way. Professionals are trained to safely and quickly remove these unwanted pests from any surface in which they may be residing with a variety of specialized tools that will not harm others or pets inside your house.

How can I prevent this little red bugs in the future?

One way to prevent clover mites is by creating a barrier between your foundation and the lawn. If you reduce grass, weeds, or any other vegetation in this area then it will help keep them out of your property. An 18-20″ gravel or stone strip won’t stop these pesky pests right away but it’ll slow them down so be sure to put some pesticides on that too!

Sealing any cracks around windows and doors with caulking materials can help deter the red bugs. It won’t necessarily resolve the entire problem, but it will make things better!

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