Tree Roach

Tree roach. Tree roaches may be a common occurrence for you, depending on where you reside. When you flick the lights on for a late-night snack, they’re troublemakers, flying straight at you. Ugly tree roaches exist. They’re frightening. They’re big enough to “help you bring in the sofa when you move,” according to some homeowners. … Read more

Bug That Look Like Cockroaches

Bug that look like cockroaches. Have you ever come across a weird, crawly insect and wondered if it’s a cockroach? Don’t be alarmed; there are several roach-like insects around. Most persons despise and fear cockroaches, although a select few adore them. Cockroaches range in size from the Australian rhinoceros cockroach, which is four inches long, … Read more

Roaches That Fly

Roaches that fly. Have you ever wondered if a winged, beetle-like creature was a cockroach? Roaches are mostly seen as nocturnal subterranean creatures that flee when the sun comes up. Cockroaches, on the other hand, can fly. The answer isn’t always clear when it comes to over 4,500 cockroach species. Cockroaches have been around since … Read more

Cockroach Type

Cockroach type. Cockroaches are among the most ancient of insects, dating back to the Carboniferous period 280 million years ago. They are also known as “roaches.” To survive, these pests eat anything nutritious, including soap and glue. They are omnivorous. Cockroaches are a pair of exclusively indoor species that require human-provided food and harborage. Cockroaches … Read more

Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches. Suriname roaches, which are tropical cockroaches, are the most active in hot and humid weather conditions, making Florida an ideal habitat. They are most active and problematic outside of our homes, and they don’t enjoy being indoors. Warm, moist soil beneath rocks, leaf mounds, woodpiles, and other debris are preferred by them. These … Read more

Bed Bugs Vs Cockroaches

Bed bugs vs cockroaches. Bed bugs and roach infestations are among the most irritating things in the world, and they’ll irritate you more than anything else. A roach infestation might cause a variety of severe health issues, such as Lyme disease and hygiene problems if it isn’t handled. Bed bugs infestation may cause severe allergies, … Read more

Red Bed Bug

Red Bed Bug. The Cimicidae family of bugs includes bed bugs. They are little insects with apple seed-shaped, flattened bodies that are approximately one-fourth of an inch long. Bed bugs are usually reddish-brown in color, although they may look bright red at times. The feeding habits of red and brown bed bugs are the cause … Read more

Cockroach Poop: How It Looks Like, the Risks, and Ways to Remove It Completely


None would love to search for cockroach poop inside their home or building. However, this disgusting task could be helpful to stay away from roach infestation and possible diseases that it carries. Just as some other living creatures do, cockroaches also poop. Pooping has always been a simple method to get rid of the waste … Read more