Bed Bug Exterminator / Bed Bug Extermintion

Bed Bug Exterminator / Bed Bug Extermintion. Bed bugs have reportedly become a issue in many kinds of dwellings, from hoteliers to private home owners. One of the most important contributors to bed bug infestations in Indonesia is said to be the increase in international travel.

Bed bugs are prevalent and affect nearly everyone. Humans cannot detect the early signs of bed bugs until they start waking up with little bites because of their tiny size (roughly the size of an apple seed).

Biting bugs are as prone to migration as we are. Bettles will be hitchhiked and/or attached to persons, luggage, or other personal effects before being transported to other locations by accident. Bettles are frequently recognized as ‘excellent hitchhikers.

What are Bed Bugs?

What do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs have small, flat, oval-shaped bodies. They are wingless. Adults do have the vestiges of wings called wing pads, but they do not fully develop into functional wings.

Although their bodies turn reddish after eating, adults are brown in color. Bed bugs reach a length of 4 to 5 mm when fully grown. Bed bugs are sometimes thought to be too tiny to see with the naked eye by homeowners.

You can get a serious infestation in just weeks if a healthy female bed bug can produce 500 eggs in her lifetime.

What are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home?

Because bed bugs are so tiny, it’s difficult to detect them at first. They’re no bigger than a pen tip. Keep an eye out for these symptoms if you think you have a bed bug problem:

Shed skins or black droppings in mattress seams, for example, are evidence of the bugs themselves.

When you get out of bed in the morning, you may have bites, welts, or bumps on your body.
Small bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases

Some individuals claim that a musty odor in your room or nearby your bed resembles “locker room stench.”

Identifying bed bugs is the first step to treating them, which can be scary.

Bed Bugs Life Cycle


The eggs, nymphs, and adults make up the bed bug life cycle. Batch of ten to fifteen eggs are laid by female bed bugs every day, with as many as six or seven. Before reaching adulthood, a bed bug goes through various nymph stages.

Bed bugs are tiny and difficult to see when they are going through the nymph stages. Bed bugs can live for up to a year without eating.

It will take little time for a bed bug population to spread to become serious if the right living conditions are present in a room.

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Initially, in places where they detect a high bed bug concentration, Pestend Pest Control’s bed bug exterminators will use direct heat with a heat gun.

Bed bugs and their eggs will be instantly destroyed by the heat, making any future incursions much less likely. There will be no effect on your home or possessions, which you love.

Bed Bug Powder Treatment

Subsequently, to treat niches, outlets, flaws in the walls, and floorboards where bed bugs hide, a fine-powdered insecticide is applied by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

This insecticide provides a barrier against future infestations by making it difficult for new insects to enter. This powder effectively wipes out big numbers of bed bugs by cutting up the bugs’ bellies.

If you live in a building or have attached housing, this is critical since it prevents the spread of infection and offers essential protection. This step will not harm any humans or animals. Bed bugs are the only thing that is harmed by it, which is totally safe and non-toxic.

Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Pestend Pest Control exterminators use the most effective and most advanced bed bug extermination spray applications to guarantee that the bed bugs are not resistant to those products after undergoing heat and dust treatment.

Spray treatment will be applied strategically around beds seams, box spring bottoms, wooden slats of the bed frame, gaps between furniture such as sofas and armchairs, baseboards, and all other places where bed bugs may be found.

The spray’s fine mist instantly kills any bed bugs that are spotted, with a residual effect lasting up to six months. As a consequence, any bed bugs that are hiding will not survive, and there will be less of a chance of them reappearing.

Vacuum Cleaning

Lastly, our exterminators will vacuum clean your living area to make sure it is neat and tidy. On the same day as the treatment, any dust and debris will be cleaned up, and all dead bed bugs will be destroyed.

Children, animals, adults, and the environment are all safe with our treatment.

Can Bed Bugs Survive Extermination?

Professional bed bug extermination is ineffective on adult bed bugs. It’s also necessary to point out that bed bug eggs aren’t always killed when they’re exterminated.

As a result, we recommend follow-up bed bug inspections after the initial treatment.

Newly-hatched bed bugs will be detected during these visits, and follow-up treatments will be offered to eradicate them.

DIY Bed Bug Removal vs. Using an Exterminator


Both DIY and professional bed bug removal provide benefits, which you can learn about below.

DIY Bed Bug Removal.

If a bed bug problem is severe, there are a few do-it-yourself treatments. Vacuuming your bedding, mattress, and surrounding bed frame is an effective way to get rid of a few bed bugs.

You should also vacuum the surrounding areas, especially between cracks and crevices, to eliminate any odors. Any live bed bugs are removed, as well as any eggs and larvae.

You can also wash and dry your bedding on high heat in addition to vacuuming. Bed bugs that are alive on the material will be killed.

The greater problem may not be resolved with these do-it-yourself treatments, which can deal with an urgent bed bug challenge. Your particular infestation will be assessed by a pest control firm, which will suggest a treatment strategy that suits you.

Using an Exterminator.

A bed bug exterminator can provide the following benefits:

A detailed treatment plan is recommended after an infestation inspection.
Depending on the severity of your infestation, you may need different treatment options.

If required, post-treatment bed bug inspections and/or extra treatment applications will be performed.
How to prevent a future bed bug infestation is advised.

By enlisting the aid of a bed bug specialist, you can resolve your concern in a timely and efficient manner while gaining assurance that it has been handled.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bed Bug Exterminator for You

Before partnering with an exterminator, online customers who seek for “best bug exterminator near me” should take into account a number of factors.

Customers should be aware of their distinct circumstances and the various treatment procedures used by each exterminator when dealing with any insect infestation.

Service Area and Scheduling.

Customers will choose a provider based on the results of a search query such as “bed bug treatment near me.” Customers should, however, ensure that the exterminator they hire is licensed and works in their area.

Scheduling bed bug treatment exterminator services is another important factor to consider. Because it immediately affects a consumer’s ability to live and work in their home, a bed bug problem must be addressed immediately.

The exterminator’s office should be able to reply to a customer right away, and he or she can set up a visit for that day.

Those who do not react promptly or are unable to survey the location in a reasonable amount of time should not be considered for the position.

Treatment Methods Used.


Chemical and non-chemical treatments for bed bugs are the two most common types. While pesticides alone do not eliminate bed bugs, exterminators typically utilize a combination of the two when eradicating a dwelling.

Depending on where the bed bugs are located and what sort of material needs to be treated, the pesticides used will vary. The pesticides mentioned above are the most commonly used for bed bug management, according to the EPA:

Insect growth regulators.

To treat a home and avoid future infestations, exterminators may also employ non-chemical methods. Heat treatments are used in several processes.

At 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius), bed bugs and their eggs will die instantly since they can’t survive above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius).

To eliminate the bed bugs, mattress bug exterminators will often do a complete-room heat treatment that lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Other ways to kill bed bugs include steam treatment and freezing.

Technician Licensing, Certification, and Insurance.

Under federal law, technicians who treat bed bugs must be certified in every state and territory where they work.

On a federal, state, and local level, anyone who uses restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) must be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and standards. For those using pesticides to exterminate bed bugs at all levels, the EPA establishes a minimum standard of competency.

Bed bug exterminators, like cockroaches, fleas, and rodents, are technically licensed for any sort of pest control. These are also typically insured, so the user is not responsible for on-site accidents.

Customers should check that the credentials, certificates, and insurance of the bed bug exterminator they have chosen are all current before hiring him.


Many bed bug exterminators assure that their services will be completed on time and accurately.

Bed bugs are usually guaranteed to return to a property within a certain time period, and the exterminator will return at no cost to the customer.

The finest bed bug companies will offer this guarantee as a show of customer service because they are certain in their ability to entirely eradicate a home of bed bugs.

A guarantee for a particular region that has been treated by bed bug service companies may only be provided. Every provider will not guarantee the treatment process if they treated a room for bed bugs and then the bed bugs spread to the living room.

Customers living in multiunit dwellings, as opposed to single-family homes, may also be unable to rely on these promises.

Customer Support.

Exterminators should provide a positive customer experience throughout the process because a bed bug infestation is incredibly upsetting to a customer. Providers should be able to respond to any client queries and deal with those concerns in a timely manner.

Exterminators should have 24/7 customer support availability so that homeowners can find a solution, even if they cannot reach them right away.

The company should provide the homeowner with DIY measures to begin to alleviate the problem if a bed bug technician is not immediately available.


Questions About Bed Bugs

Can Bed Bugs Live in the Cold?

Freezing infested items at high temperatures is occasionally utilized as a bed bug control method, even though bed bugs may survive in cold settings in nature.

Can You See Dead Bed Bugs?

It’s reasonable to assume that dead bed bug adults are also visible, though it’s vital to understand what bed bug adults look like since they’re visible with the naked eye.

Do Ants Eat Bed Bugs?

Pharaoh ants are one of the most likely ants to attack and feed on bed bugs, according to experts, but there are a few that attack them.

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Because they are wingless, bed bugs do not fly.

Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

The most successful trap will always be an Orkin Pro armed with knowledge, experience, and the best pest control products and equipment. Traps may provide a fast fix for a bed bug problem, but they are no match for an expert.

Do Bed Bugs Come Out When the Lights Are on?

When lights are on, bed bugs will emerge during the day or at night to feed on blood, especially if they are hungry.

Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?

If they are inside a temperature-controlled house or apartment, bed bugs do not hibernate and can be active during the winter months.

Do Bed Bug Sprays Work?

Over-the-counter sprays and pest foggers are typically ineffective against bed bugs, which are becoming increasingly tolerant to most regulated chemicals.

Do Bed Bugs Jump?

Bed bugs typically crawl from host to host, unable to jump long distances.

Do Organic Cures Work?

The majority of homeowner-initiated treatments, such as cedar oil, are ineffective at eradicating a bed bug problem.

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Individual bed bug treatments may be effective, but large bed bug infestations are difficult to control and eliminate with bleach.

How Big Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs range in size from 1/4 to 3/16 of an inch in length, similar to that of an apple seed.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel?

People, primarily through their carry-on baggage, purses, and things kept in close proximity to sleeping places, are responsible for bringing bed bugs.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Stay Dormant?

According to studies, both the temperature of its surroundings and its access to food influence how long a bed bug stays dormant.

How Often Do Bed Bugs Feed?

While they feed when necessary and there is a suitable host in range, bed bugs do not feed at a regular interval.

What Colors Are Bed Bugs Attracted to?

Rather than yellow, orange, green, lilac, and violet colors, bed bugs prefer red and black.

What Do Bed Bugs Smell Like?

While this odor is commonly attributed to these insects, it may take a significant infestation to notice it. It has been likened to berries.

How Do You Treat Bed Bug Infestations?

Orkin can tell you about their bed bug infestation treatment options.

Do I Have Bed Bugs or Rat Mites?

Learn more about these biting pests and how to get rid of them with our Orkin Pros. Rat mite bites and bed bug bites may appear similar.

Are Bed Bug Chemicals Safe?

What insecticides are used to control bed bugs in your residence may be found out by calling our Orkin Pros.

Does the First Bed Bug Treatment Always Work?

You may need more than one treatment to eliminate the infestation if the bed bug problem is severe.

What is the Cost of Exterminating Bed Bugs?

The size of the area that requires treatment, the kind of bed bug treatment utilized, and the surroundings that are contaminated all affect the cost of bed bug management.

Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Mattresses?
There is a small chance that a mattress that has been properly stored might be carrying bed bugs when it’s being moved.

How Do You Check for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are difficult to detect since they hide in tight spaces. Bed bug signs can be found in a variety of ways and places.

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

If kept at 0°F for around four days, bed bugs are killed when they are exposed to cold.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs conceal in tiny spaces like crevices and cracks, coming out at night to seek a host, and take advantage of their flattened bodies.