Bed Bugs Sniffing Dogs

Bed bugs sniffing dogs. Canines may be useful in finding bed bugs in houses and other locations by assisting pest control workers. Dogs were first trained to aid in pest identification in around 2011. Dogs can detect bed bugs in homes and other areas, even in difficult-to-reach places, using their own olfactory properties. Dogs must … Read more

Bed Bug Jumping

Bed bug jumping. Is there any bed bug jumping, and can we assist you in answering those two questions? Do Bed Bugs Travel? Let’s look to science for the answers. Bed bugs don’t jump or fly, which is fortunate. Bed bugs would spread quickly and be difficult to control if they could jump like fleas. … Read more

Lice In Bed

Lice in bed. Can head lice survive on mattresses and bedding? The answer is yes! But don’t stress – here are some great ways to get rid of headlice, so you and your children can sleep well without acquiring any more. Note that not all head lice are bed nasties, but rather bed bugs! It’s … Read more

Welts From Bed Bugs

Welts from bed bugs. These tiny, oval brownish creatures feed on the blood of animals and people and feed on it. Bedbug bodies are flat and about the size of an apple seed in adults. Their bodies, on the other hand, expand after they’ve been fed and become reddish. Bedbugs can quickly travel across floors, … Read more

Tick In Bed

Tick in bed. Both bed bugs and ticks are bothersome pests, but they are not the same. This bug and this arachnid might be separated as follows. You must first determine what you are dealing with before you get nasty bites and are concerned you may be infested with germs. You might have ticks or … Read more

Spider Bites Vs Bed Bugs

Spider bites vs bed bugs. Humans or animals are the hosts for bedbugs, which feed on their blood. They’re reddish-brown in hue and are flat and oval-shaped. They’re most active at night and can live in your bed, furniture, carpet, and other items. Bedbugs depend on animals or people to transport them from one location … Read more

Female Bed Bug

Female bed bug. Male and female counterparts of certain animal species appear to be so different that they may actually be different species. In the case of bed bugs, however, they’re not that different. There are a few differences between the male and female bed bug, even if you don’t want to get close enough … Read more

Different Types Of Bed Bugs

Different types of bed bugs. Bed bugs bite people when they are disturbed or frightened, causing painful and itchy rashes and blisters in the mornings. They are as annoying as they already are. It’s convenient to group bed bugs under one generic name. Did you know that bed bug species number at least seven? Each … Read more