Pink Mold in Shower and Food, Symptoms & How to Clean it

There are many colors of mold (or mould, if you prefer) that exist in the world today. Let say like  Orange Mold, Black Mold, Yellow Mold, Brown Mold, and also pink mold. Most tend to be a greenish or bluish hue. You can find mold growing anywhere that is damp and somewhat dark because mold is a fungus. … Read more

Brown Mold on Wall and Ceiling, What & How to Remove it

Molds are essential in an eco-system because they help in breaking down organic matter. However, they are awful to human beings; molds like brown mold, Pink Mold, and Black Mold are ugly. Besides, allowing molds to grow in your house has significant health impacts. Molds trigger asthma attacks, headaches, rashes, and allergies. Molds can also lead … Read more