K9 Inspection For Bed Bugs

K9 inspection for bed bugs. At a home or business, bed bugs may be a serious problem. Even if the location is an immaculately clean five-star hotel or a million-dollar mansion, you may find them literally anywhere.

You may take them home or to the office at any time because they hide in a variety of places (suitcases, folded garments, etc).

These creatures prefer humans and feed only on the blood of animals. Bed bugs hide in mattresses, sheets, clothes, and even random clutter in the crevices and cracks of bedside furniture.

Bed bugs can be in your NJ, PA, MD, or DE house or business for a long time before you notice since they can hide for months without feeding. They can spread from room to room and infecting an whole house or workplace. They reproduce quickly.

Additionally, unless you can locate the bed bugs, you cannot be sure if they bit you. Finding them, on the other hand, may be difficult. A fully developed bed bug is little more than the size of an apple seed.

Viking Pest, a professional exterminator, can effectively detect bed bugs with their highly trained noses.

Before they become a problem, Viking Pest’s K9 bed bug detection system will come to your business or residence in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Delaware and detect the bugs.

K9 inspection for bed bugs

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You know that bed bug protection can be a difficult task if you own or manage a property with numerous rooms. These insects don’tentry through the walls of exterior buildings.

You could simply exclude them with an exterior pest control if they did. Bed bugs come in on visitors and the problem is that they ride in.

As a result, control measures are put in the background. K9 officers shine in this area. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, allowing them to detect all stages of bed bug infestation without disturbing the furnishings in a room.

As a result, a K9 investigator may move through each area considerably quicker. Those bed bug sniffing dogs can do many more in the same amount of time without undoing the work done by hotel cleaning staff than a human inspector can do in an hour.

Bed Bugs in Homes

If they are allowed to, these insects may drive individuals insane in their homes. What does it mean to say this? Bed bugs are hardy and resourceful creatures, and many individuals want to handle them in their own hands.

Bed bug traps placed beneath your bed, mattress encasements, or a treatment of harmful chemicals to your floors are not going to prevent them from invading. Bed bugs are likely to flee from a self-heat treatment, thus they will not be controlled.

Essential tools in successful bed bug eradication include knowing where the bugs are infesting, as well as blocking off escape routes. K9 inspectors do make a significant difference in this location.

Bed bug exterminators can target specific locations because their acute noses aid them detect where the pests are hiding, allowing them to avoid being found.

Why Preparation Matters

Remove any clutter that might obstruct the inspection to give it the most thorough possible. In a clean, clutter-free environment, canines have much easier time hunting for bugs.

We recommend beginning the decluttering effort a week or so before the scheduled visit, to prevent you from being overwhelmed with a large cleaning job the night before he arrives.

Bed bug scent may be disguised by chemical pesticides, and canine poisonage might result from their contact. Liquid sprays or powders are the most common forms of these products.

Pyrethrins, pyrethroids, and insecticides are some of the different names for pesticides. Pesticide-exposed dogs may experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as a result of their exposure.

Dogs may be poisoned by organophosphate insecticides (such as malathion, parathion, and diazinon) that are used in insecticides.

In an indoor residential environment, it’s unlikely that you’d be using these insecticides, but it’s critical to note that large amounts of this chemical can be very harmful to dogs.

How Accurate Are Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?

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Canine trainers may teach working canines to achieve extremely precise accuracy. Before being deployed to active duty, bomb-detecting dogs, for example, must be shown to have 100% accuracy.

Dogs were shown to have a 95% success rate in identifying the presence of termites in a 2003 study.

Bed bugs, however, are a different story. These pests are masters at concealment and prefer to lair in places that are difficult to get to and full of stuff and other diversions.

Bed bug canines may be very precise (up to 95%) when it comes to identifying bed bugs, but they cannot.

Bed bug detection dogs may be quite successful at identifying bed bugs, but that doesn’t imply that every dog is.

Some dogs are skillful at their tasks, while others aren’t. Some have received more specialized instruction and are partnered with experienced dog handlers, while others haven’t.

Certifications for canine bed bug detection teams are available because of this.

To ensure that both the dog and its handler have the expertise and abilities to do bed bug inspections with a high degree of precision, third-party certification bodies like NESDCA establish criteria.

Types of K9 Bed Bug Detection Programs

K9 Pre-Scheduled Detection Program.

Being on the lookout for bed bugs is the most effective way to be proactive in determining if you have them or not.

We’ll check a area or your whole property for live bed bugs on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Hotels, offices, theaters, modes of transportation, and other properties are all examples of this.

On Demand Bed Bug Confirmations and Block Inspections.

You may want to consider our K9 services instead of having a technician respond to verify a suspected bed bug sighting. In comparison to their human counterparts, our dogs are quicker, more efficient, more precise, and often cost less.

Detection and On Demand Treatment.

A K9 Service with extra pest control workers may be sent for circumstances that demand a fast response for bed bug confirmation. Your professional technician will alert the handler to a contaminated region, after which it will be quarantined and treated.

Detection and Preventative Treatment.

In situations when long-term reassurance is required, bed bug sniffing dogs are an excellent choice. To ensure that there is no bed bug activity on the premises, they will pass through a section of the facility with the K9.

We will recommend treating that part for a complete treatment if the K9 notices activity and we verify it with a visual check.

All other parts of the area should be checked to make sure that the problem has been contained in any detected bed bugs.

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What To Expect During the Inspection.

The canine and handler team starts the job on the day of an inspection by verifying that the residence or apartment has been adequately cleaned.

You may now relax and leave the experts to their work, if you’ve read the earlier sections of this article and made a reasonable attempt. The inspector will begin the inspection by directing the dog around your house.

Several groups approach the job in somewhat various ways. For example, inspector Herbie and his dog Mika may approach a problem from a slightly different perspective.

Herbie uses a chew toy to guide Mika to suspected places with bugs while working left to right through each suspect room.

Mika sits or paws Herbie when she detects the scent of a bed bug, signaling to him that she’s discovered something. To confirm the existence or presence of live bed bugs, Herbie performs a visual check.

Clients are advised on the finest treatment alternatives based on the inspection findings once the residence has been thoroughly examined.

A specialized technician will come to apply the treatment on a separate visit if the client chooses for bed but treatment to eliminate the infestation.

5 Advantages Of Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Being nocturnal and difficult to see is one of the bed bug’s many characteristics and traits, which tops the list.

Business owners, as well as some pest management experts, are often caught off guard by this strange characteristic.

During some inspections, a company owner may think that bed bugs are present inside the building, however no live bugs or eggs have been discovered or identified.

Large hotels and motels, for example, will need comprehensive evaluations of the whole structure or structures to identify all diseased rooms.

Inspections and situations like these may take a long time and cost a lot of money, but they may nonetheless fail.

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In most scenarios, specially trained bed bug scent detection canine teams will be required to properly identify and expose the bed bug infestation. Using canine bed bug teams has at least five benefits:

Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection.

A bed bug canine team can identify one bed bug as precisely as it can detect a substantial infestation because of their precision.

Early detection means that your treatment will not have to be as extensive as it would if you had a more severe infestation. This saves money. This also helps to minimize the cost ofBUSINESS disruption.

Any entrepreneur who is interested in preserving a profitable company while protecting the reputation and image of the firm will find these benefits appealing.

All life stages are detected.

Both live bed bugs and live bed bug eggs can be detected by a properly trained and certified bed bug canine. The only way to detect all stages of live bed bug development by scent is this approach.

The bed bug canine is highly accurate.

Certified dogs have a highly successful rate of detection, comparable to that of bomb-sniffing dogs, and are often successful.

Bed bug canines can detect live bed bug scent in mattresses, inside walls, and furniture, demonstrating their precision.

Protect your image and reputation.

Canines that have been trained and certified are recognized in courts of law as scientific instruments because of their accuracy. Your reputation and image will be greatly enhanced by your certification of inspection from canine scent detection teams.

Each room will be inspected by the dog team, which will make little noise and leave no mess.

They eliminate the requirement for pulling up carpet, removing baseboard and receptacle covers, or dismantling furniture, protecting your picture and reputation since they have a strong scent detectability.

Fast inspection times.

Bed bug canines are quick and efficient, not just in terms of accuracy. They can search large areas in a very short amount of time.

Large hotels may be checked for bedbugs in a fraction of the time it takes to do a visual check, giving owners piece of mind that their hotel is free of bedbugs.

K9 Bed Bug Inspections vs. Traditional Inspections


The use of a trained K-9 bed bug inspection team is the most accurate method of detection available, despite the fact that no bed bug inspection can be 100% accurate.

Traditional inspections can only identify bed bugs with around 40-60% accuracy, but K-9 teams can detect adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs with 97% accuracy.


K-9 units are inspected for a variety of lengths, from 2 to 15 minutes. Between 20 minutes and an hour is required for standard inspections of rooms.


With K-9 unit inspections, there is minimal or no disruption to the occupants. Traditional inspections (dismantling beds, shifting furniture, and so on) necessitate a moderate degree of disruption to the occupant.


In cluttered regions, upholstery surfaces, mattress seams, under the carpet, and behind baseboards are all places where a K-9 unit can be detected. Traditional inspection techniques are confined to looking at what’s visible.


Our mission is to ensure that Plunkett’s Pest Control maintains a world-class bed bug K-9 scent detection program.

As a result, we will only hire dogs that have completed 600 hours or more of specialized bed bug training. In addition to ongoing training for our K-9 unit, we have team handlers who handle the dogs.