How to Get Mold Out of Carpet (4 Effective Ways) [UPDATED]

Many homeowners need to know how to get mold out of carpet to avoid it producing bad odors. Besides, mold in the carpet will degrade your carpet and eventually it would cause wheezing if you have asthma.

Keeping the carpet away from a mold will maintain the healthy surrounding of the house. You have to check the carpet space underneath the furniture regularly. When you catch mold at the carpet surface, you may need to clean it immediately.

Do not let the mold reached the backing of carpet because it would be harder to clean. You need to hire professionals to clean it up with their additional treatments and machines. However, you can also rent some tolls to treat it yourself. It would save some of your budgets.

Here is some method of how to get mold out of the carpet.

Using Antifungal Spray Step by Step

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This method of getting mold out of the carpet is quite easy to follow. You do not need to hire a professional to clean your carpet. This tutorial from Bobvila will make you the ultimate cleaner of your own house.

Here are some materials and tools you have to prepare to begin the carpet-cleaning job.

– Antifungal Spray (Safe for Carpets)

– Dustpan

– Facemask

– Rubber Gloves

– Stiff Bristle Brush

– Trash Bag

– Eye Protection

– Dehumidifier

– Disposable Rags

1. Ventilate the Space

The first thing you have to do is to open windows and doors to give the space more ventilation. If possible, you can just take the carpet outside to start cleaning it. It is recommended to wear a facemask, rubber gloves, and eye protection to protect you from the health hazard of a mold.

2. Lift or Remove the Carpet

If it is not possible to lift or remove the carpet, you can just continue treating the mold surface you see. If the carpet lifting possible, you should just lift it until you can reach the mold area and check the backing.

If there is a substantial mold growth quite large on the backing, you should consider replacing it with a new carpet. However, if you are not prepared for buying a new carpet, you can just cut the carpet part with mold backing and insert a new one. It is more affordable than changing the whole thing.

3. Scrub the Carpet with a Brush

Use a dry, stiff bristle brush; scrub the carpet surface to remove all the visible mold spores on it. The dustpan will help accommodate the dust and carry it into the trash bag. You cannot use a vacuum cleaner in this case because the spores from the vacuum can be spread to other areas.

4. Spray the Anti-Fungal Product

Saturate the moldy area thoroughly for at least 6 inches around it. Make sure the antifungal spray product you use is safe for carpets. Let the spray sit for about an hour.

5. Blot the Spray

Use a dry, clean, disposable rag to blot the antifungal spray and soaking up the excess. Do not rinse with water to let the antifungal agent work well until it is dried fully. You cannot use a fan to get it dried faster. It could only blow the spores to another area.

Instead, you can use a dehumidifier to let it dry naturally for about a day. Just leave the mold area alone and do not walk on it. There is still a chance to get the spores spread.

6. Clean the Tools

After the brushing and cleaning step is done, you should begin to clean the tolls, such as bristle brush and dustpan. Spray it with anti-fungal product and let it dry. For the rubber gloves and rag, just dispose of it.

7. Repeat Step 4

After the carpet has dried entirely, you should re-apply the treatment as in step 4 and then continue to steps 5 and 6. Remember to use the clean, fresh tools in re-applying the treatment. Le the dehumidifier runs for a few days to get away from the mold spores on the air.

8. Finishing

After the carpet dried once again, you should be mold-free. To keep your carpet away from mold and keep the house healthy, you have to continue checking the mold on your carpet every day or so for several weeks. It would make sure the mold growth is not coming anymore.

Using Home Supplies



This method is one of the easiest ones. You do not need to rent any tool or even hire a professional to treat the mold. Several home supplies would do the trick.

1. Inspect the Carpet

Check whether the mold has reached the carpet’s backing. If it is, you may need to hire a professional to clean it.

If the mold has grown larger at the backing, do not bother cleaning it; just buy a new carpet. In this case, you should continue the method if the carpet does not reach the backing.

2. Let the Air in and out

In other words, you need to ventilate the room by opening all the doors and windows that have the moldy carpet in. The flow of air that comes and goes would stop the mold from growing larger. The ventilation would also help when you use a chemical product to treat it.

3. Sun the Carpet

If possible, remove your carpet and hang it over a clothesline outdoor. The direct sunlight for up to 38 hours will eventually kill all the mold spores. The moisture will also be dried which would stop the growth of the mold.

4. Use Baking Soda

A home supply like baking soda will help remove moisture and reduce odors on the carpet. This method will work well for the lighter mold problem. You just need to sprinkle the molded area quite a lot of banking soda. Leave it that way overnight and then clean it up using the vacuum machine.

5. Use Vinegar

Scrubbing the molded area with white vinegar would also do the work. Vinegar is well known to clean many things in the house. The cheap price of this product makes it an effective option for cleaning. Use a spray bottle to lightly apply the liquid and scrub it in using a brush.

Using Commercial Products



1. Antifungal Sprays

If you have a bit more budget to spend, you can aim to have some trusted anti-mold products to clean the carpet. By using an anti-mold treatment like sprays, it would make the treatments at ease. You can find sprays in most drug stores or even supermarkets.

You should check the label first to know how to use it. Make sure the product you have is safe to be used on carpets. Many anti-mold treatments are designed for bathroom or kitchen cleaning. If it is not safe for carpets, it could be damaged or discolored.

If there were an “encapsulate” and “mold barrier” on the label, it would make sure the carpet fibers away from returning mold because of its clear barrier. This would be the perfect product or treatment for the carpets that are placed in humid condition.

2. Carpet Cleaning Product

Instead of an anti-mold or antifungal treatment, you can straightly choose the cleaning product that is specifically designed for carpets. You should aim for the product that contains deodorizers. It would be supportive in removing the mildew smell and cleaning up the mold too.

There are various carpet cleaning products available on the market. Make sure you read the instructions first because it may be different. Many people recommend using the detergent products for carpets called Vanish.

3. Chlorine Dioxide Products

Some products that are designed to remove mold contain chlorine dioxide in it. It is another option to remove the mold out of your carpet. You have to be careful using chlorine dioxide because this chemical can ruin the color of your carpet.

You may need to do the test first on a small mold area on the carpet by following the instructions on the label. Some products would require you to use a wet vacuum to remove it after use. Chlorine can produce vapors that may irritate your eyes and lungs, so make sure the space is well ventilated.

4. A Steam Cleaner

If you are not comfortable touching such chemical products with your hand, you can choose to use a steam cleaner. If you do not have one at the house, you can always rent it. The specialized steam cleaning vacuums can be very effective at removing the mold.

It is crucial to dry the carpet quickly after the steam cleaning. If you do not do the drying afterward, the water from the steam will remain in the carpet. This will encourage new growth of mold. You can use a blow dryer to dry it. You can also just leave it on the sturdy clothesline to get direct sunlight.

You need to use a specialized machine to steam cleaning it. It would avoid the damage of the carpet if you use any other method of steam cleaning.

5. Professional Cleaner

Some people just do not want to bother cleaning the carpet by them. They are not sure if they can remove the mold completely from the carpet. Well, the best solution is to let other people who are professionals to do the work. This method is effortless but you may spend more money to pay them.

Hiring a professional to clean the carpet away from a mold is the best thing you can do if you want to make it entirely clean.

Well, professionals have experience and access to specialized chemicals and machines. They know what to do and they are good at their job. Just leave it to the professionals.

6. New Carpet

This should be your last shot, but it is the last thing you could do to keep the mold away. It is for you who face major mold colonies on the carpet backing. Replacing the carpet to a new one is the more effective way to choose.

If you decide to clean it, you may spend a lot more money. After you get a new carpet in the room, you have to keep checking the carpet. When there is mold on it, you have to remove it right away.

Ways to Prevent Carpet Mold


After you have your carpet out of mold using some of those methods above, you have to prevent the mold from growing again. In this section, you will find out the best way to prevent the carpet mold.

1. More Ventilation

The flows of air inside a room will make the atmosphere healthier. It also helps to evaporate moisture. The airflows can also dry out the damp areas you have in a room that could potentially grow a carpet mold.

Leave the windows or doors open or turn on the fan for at least 2 hours a day. It is recommended to do it in the morning. It would help to remove the moisture from the night.

2. Regular Vacuum

Vacuuming the carpet regularly is one of the best things to do to prevent the mold from carpets. You should avoid using a sweep because the dust and mold spores can be trapped in the carpet fibers. It is recommended to use shark vacuums but it is more expensive.

3. Lights On

Keeping the lights on would avoid mold growth. As you know, mold can grow well in the dark. More light means less mold growth. You can aim to have the low-energy lights on for a longer time.

4. Dehumidifier

For a house located in a humid climate, it is hard to get the room well ventilated. It is best to buy a dehumidifier. Keep the machine running at night to get the moisture content removed from the air. Therefore, it does not have a chance to settles on the carpet.

5. HEPA Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner should only be used after you remove major colonies of mold from the carpet. You should rent it to remove the remaining mold spores that might be still there. Do not forget to close all the windows and seal the vents before using it.

The closed vents will secure the spores from traveling to other areas or rooms in the house. The HEPA filter in a vacuum can be found in many products. The word stands from High-Efficiency Particulate Air.

6. Possible Source Treatment

The last recommended thing to do is to treat possible sources. It is like cleaning the mold right from its source. You can keep the house from mold by treating the damp crawlspaces or subfloors with the sheeting of anti-moisture polyethylene.

Check all the spots that have potential mold growth such as vents, closets, under upholstery, and more. Do not forget to check the carpet’s backing regularly. If you decrease a chance of mold growth from any other area possible in the house, the mold will not be coming anymore.

More Ways to Prevent Carpet Mold



If you want to prevent the mold from coming back to your carpet, there are things you have to do regularly.

First, you have to keep the humidity of the room low. Make sure the humidity level is about 65% and below. You should maintain this right level to keep away the mold from the carpet. You can use a portable dehumidifier to help you keep the humidity on the right level.

The second thing to do in preventing carpet mold is to keep low temperatures in the area. Do not go over 80 F to avoid mold growth contribution for your carpet. Have an Air Conditioning in the room to keep the right humidity level and make the room cooler.

The next one you should do is to keep it clean. When the carpet is clean, there will be no chance of mold growth on the carpet. Therefore, it is highly recommended to vacuum the carpet once or twice a week. It will avoid the growth you do not want on the carpet.

Another way to prevent mold is to choose the right carpet. You should install synthetic carpet material. The carpet with organic material like wool will be more prone to mold growth. You can aim to have the nylon or olefin carpet material for easy clean.

FAQ About Carpet Mold

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  1. Q: Is carpet mold dangerous?

A: Yes, it is. However, it will not give you a dangerous effect overnight. It would leave some bad allergies days ahead. Mold on a carpet has some kind of toxic called mycotoxins. This toxic type will give some health problems.

  1. Q: How often should you replace your carpet?

A: Well, people replace their carpet just because it is old or ruined. According to the quality of the carpet, the typical lifespan is 5 to 15 years of use.

You should replace the carpet when it is contorted, shifting shades, threadbare wear, stained, and bad smell that has not disappeared.

  1. Q: Can you use the old carpet as an underlay?

A: You can but it is not recommended. If you must, you should have thin plywood over the old carpet and then install a new carpet on the old one. It is still better you just use the new carpet instead of overlaying the existing one.

Final Thought

After all, removing the mold from the carpet will not be stressful anymore. You can go with several options to treat the mold. If you have more budgets, you can just simply hire professionals to do it for you. After you know how to get mold out of carpet, you had better do it by yourself.


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