What Is Cladosporium Mold? [UPDATED]

What Is Cladosporium Mold? Cladosporium mold is a common household mold that may affect your health. In rare circumstances, this mold has even been known to cause infections. It grows indoors and outdoors. Spores that are released by Cladosporium mold may be airborne if it is present indoors, which helps to spread the mold. It … Read more

What Does Mold Smell Like? [UPDATED]

Mold is something you never want to find in your house, whether it pops up in plain sight or stays hidden inside walls and crevices. One of the most common ways that people discover that their home has a mold problem is through the smell; let’s take a closer look at what mold actually smells … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Mold? [UPDATED]

Does Lysol Kill Mold? Mold is a type of fungi that grow in clusters as against yeast that grows in a single unit. It differs from yeast and does not mean the same as fungi as some people believe (All molds are fungi but not all fungi are molds). There are, however, some authorities that … Read more

Pink Mold in Shower and Food, Symptoms & How to Clean it

There are many colors of mold (or mould, if you prefer) that exist in the world today. Let say like  Orange Mold, Black Mold, Yellow Mold, Brown Mold, and also pink mold. Most tend to be a greenish or bluish hue. You can find mold growing anywhere that is damp and somewhat dark because mold is a fungus. … Read more