Surinam Cockroaches

Surinam cockroaches. Suriname roaches, which are tropical cockroaches, are the most active in hot and humid weather conditions, making Florida an ideal habitat. They are most active and problematic outside of our homes, and they don’t enjoy being indoors. Warm, moist soil beneath rocks, leaf mounds, woodpiles, and other debris are preferred by them. These … Read more

Bed Bugs In Luggage

Bed bugs in luggage. You may find yourself frantically Googling “how to eliminate bed bugs in luggage” as the holidays approach, after learning you’ve acquired a colony of them. According to a study published recently, if you place your bag in the shower for ten minutes before packing, you may lower the chance of these … Read more

Bed Bug Live

Bed bug live. It’s preferable to detect a bed bug problem early on, before it becomes entrenched or expands. Treating a minor infestation is less expensive and simpler than treating the same infestation when it has spread throughout the home. Low-level infestations, on the other hand, are much tougher to detect and identify. Carpet beetles, … Read more

Travel Bed Bugs

Travel bed bugs. With the advent of travel, bed bugs are frequently linked. Why, then, do we do it? How did a tiny wingless insect with no wings become known as a world traveler? How do bed bugs travel, anyway? Take a look at how these animals get transported across the globe in a variety … Read more

Fly Bites On Dogs Belly

Fly bites on dogs belly. The bugs are out and the black flies are no exception, so it’s that time of year again “Spring.” We have a bumper crop this year. Black fly bites on a dog’s belly may worry many pet owners, who might mistakenly think it is a bull’s eye from a tick … Read more

Do Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs

Do ammonia kill bed bugs. If not exterminated quickly, bed bugs may make your life a living hell. These tiny bloodsucking bugs hide in bed sheets during the day and emerge at night to feed on your sleeping flesh, leaving itchy irritation behind. Because bed bugs hide in cracks and gaps where it’s difficult to … Read more