Disease From Bed Bugs

Disease from bed bugs. Since the late 1990s, the worldwide population of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus, family Cimicidae) has rebounded dramatically. Global travel, commerce, and the number of insecticide-resistant bed bugs are all likely to blame for this increase. Annual growth of the worldwide bed bug population is predicted to be 100–500%. … Read more

Bed Bugs In Freezer

Bed bugs in freezer You’re probably searching for any way possible to make pest control easier if you’re like the many others who are fighting bed bug invasions in their homes. What about cold temperatures? Have you heard about using heat and a few other do-it-yourself ways to get rid of bed bugs? Bed bugs … Read more

Bed Bugs Vs Cockroaches

Bed bugs vs cockroaches. Bed bugs and roach infestations are among the most irritating things in the world, and they’ll irritate you more than anything else. A roach infestation might cause a variety of severe health issues, such as Lyme disease and hygiene problems if it isn’t handled. Bed bugs infestation may cause severe allergies, … Read more

Bed Bugs On Pillow

Bed bugs on pillow. If you discover bed bugs hiding underneath your mattress, they can be really gross. However, it’s hard to imagine anything worse if you see them in your pillow. No one wants to catch a bug near their face or neck. That’s why you’ll want to discover a way to kill bed … Read more

Male Bed Bugs

Male bed bugs. It’s usually simple to tell men and women apart when you look at a mammal. However, identifying male and female bed bugs is significantly more difficult. Females have a rounded abdomen, whereas males have a pointed abdomen. Males can’t lay eggs, but females can. They are identical in every other way. Bed … Read more

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

How fast do bed bugs spread? The species of bed bugs is amazing. They can survive almost anywhere as long as the environment is warm and there is a type of food, such as blood-filled hosts. Many people incorrectly assume that having a untidy or spotless home inhibits these pests from coming. They like places … Read more

Bed Bugs Sniffing Dogs

Bed bugs sniffing dogs. Canines may be useful in finding bed bugs in houses and other locations by assisting pest control workers. Dogs were first trained to aid in pest identification in around 2011. Dogs can detect bed bugs in homes and other areas, even in difficult-to-reach places, using their own olfactory properties. Dogs must … Read more

Bed Bug Jumping

Bed bug jumping. Is there any bed bug jumping, and can we assist you in answering those two questions? Do Bed Bugs Travel? Let’s look to science for the answers. Bed bugs don’t jump or fly, which is fortunate. Bed bugs would spread quickly and be difficult to control if they could jump like fleas. … Read more

Welts From Bed Bugs

Welts from bed bugs. These tiny, oval brownish creatures feed on the blood of animals and people and feed on it. Bedbug bodies are flat and about the size of an apple seed in adults. Their bodies, on the other hand, expand after they’ve been fed and become reddish. Bedbugs can quickly travel across floors, … Read more